About This Blog

I'm a girl who lives fully and loves deeply. Through the brokenness of life, God has created a beautiful desire in me to minister to the broken and hurting in the name of Jesus.

In December 2012, I plan to graduate from Grace Theological Seminary with an MA in Theology. That means the next year will hold a lovely mix of classes: The Doctrine and History of the Church, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Ministry, and the study of Biblical Backgrounds.

Recently completed a temporary assignment as a part-time evangelism pastor at Grace Point Church of the Nazarene—discipling, visiting, teaching, and preaching through a local church. My heart also hangs out at a local residential rehab facility for women, as we dig into God's plans for us each Sunday night through a Celebrate Recovery program.

And, oh yes, there's the writing. I enjoy paying some of my bills through my work for Christian publishers and organizations at suzanneburden.com. Here are a few articles I've contributed to Christianity Today's Gifted for Leadership blog: "Leading in the Midst of Woundedness" and "A Pink Flamingo in a Sea of Blue Herons." As well as a few sermons you might enjoy: "Know God, Know Deliverance" and  "Why Women Matter to God." And, yes, I am attempting to learn how to play the guitar at age 39. More on that later!

I'm thrilled to be married to a man who loves others in the name of Jesus as well—his name is David. In short, my life is full and I blog when I can. You can reach me at suzanneburden @ gmail.com.