Thursday, July 29, 2010

Notable Quotable: Elizabeth O'Connor

"Each of us is the artist of his own life. Whether a man arrives or does not arrive at his own destiny - the place that is peculiarly his - depends on whether or not he finds the Kingdom within and hears the call to wholeness - or holiness . . . The man who hears that call is chosen. He does not have to scramble for a place in the scheme of things. He knows that there is a place which is his and that he can live close to the One who will show it to him. Life becomes his vocation."
-Elizabeth O'Connor, Journey Inward, Journey Outward

Do you believe you are the artist of your own life? Do you believe that all of life is the vocation of the Christian? Please share.

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  1. From the perspective of a woman in transition--in seminary, as a freelance writer that works whenever the work comes, and someone who hopes to be a mother someday--life never seems perfect. But I am finding a wholeness and a holiness in it all. Today I met a dear friend for encouragement, scrubbed the kitchen floor, bought a watermelon at the farmer's stand, called a freelance contact, send ministry emails and connected with my husband. All of it is a part of my vocation at this day in time. And there's a wholeness that comes from relaxing into God's plan for today. God is faithful to show me His call for today if I slow down to listen.