Thursday, August 12, 2010

New video studies: Bible women - Grandmother Eve, part 1

Need a fresh vision? Some perspective? A reminder of why you as a woman are worthwhile? Watch this week's study for an exciting look at who God created Eve to be--and how you share her essential qualities today. Be sure to join the conversation in comments after watching the video. (Men welcome, too!)

You, daughter, of Eve, are not an afterthought--but Creation's perfect finishing touch.

Bible women - Grandmother Eve-an ezer, part 1 from Suzanne Burden on Vimeo.

Genesis 2:18, NIV
"The LORD God said, 'It is not good for man to be alone; I will make a *ezer* suitable for him.'"

Read Genesis 1-3 for the full Creation story. Other suggested resources:
When Life and Beliefs Collide and Lost Women of the Bible by Carolyn Custis James.

If you are female, do you often feel  like an afterthought? Have you believed the lie that daughters of Eve are not as valuable to God as sons of Adam? Share your thoughts below. Let's get the conversation started!

Next week: Adam and Eve unite--a blessed alliance, whether single or married. See you then!


  1. Let's get this party started! I have often felt like an afterthought, but I've never been more excited to learn these past few years, that I am ezer--no matter what season of life I'm in. Eve was an ezer before she had sex with Adam, before she had children, before she took up the task of dealing with sin after the fall and all the complications it would bring. It's in our DNA, ladies. All of us are ezers and life-givers, we just do it in different ways. The beauty of the ezer's calling is that she can be a strong helper, warrior, and rescuer in every sphere of life. No matter where she finds herself. Earth-shattering, isn't it??

  2. Dear Suzie,

    Thanks for this post and for your recent SS lesson re: the same subject. This has answered many of the unspoken questions I have had about my role as a Christian woman, wife and mother. Even though some of the traditional teachings of the holiness church place women in a subordinate position (and I have struggled with this), I believe the correct interpretation of God's Word does not marginalize women in the church or in the home, and our role in these venues is just as important in God's eyes as those of men. Sandra

  3. Well-said, Sandra! Many churches of every denomination struggle with this issue, but a careful (and thorough) study of God's Word sets men and women free to work together in a beautiful and mutual partnership for God's Kingdom. This truth has changed me, my marriage, my ministry, and all of my relationships.