Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who is Jesus to you?

"Who is Jesus to you?" I asked, as we wrapped up last week's Biblestudy. I know the answers I receive this week might not be Scripturally sound. And I am OK with that. Because coming to Jesus with all of our junk can be a messy process, a journey in which He draws us into His open embrace. In which He becomes real to us, and His revolutionary message of deliverance pierces us, changing our hearts and lives.




The Sovereign
with Skin on

[picture credit: 6th-century mosaic of Jesus at Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna. No undisputed record of what Jesus looked like is known to exist.]

We are reading the gospel of John in Biblestudy, and Jesus is surprising us. He's surprising me, too, though I've been in church all my life. As one girl put it, "Jesus is getting awfully witty and sarcastic." We see His tenderness with the Samaritan woman at the well and with others who are broken and sick, and then we watch Him thunder down on the Pharisees in all their self-righteousness, and we stand in awe.

CS Lewis wrote that Jesus Christ is either a liar, a lunatic, or LORD. When I think of Jesus, I think of a Savior, Healer, and Defender. God who comes near, and who literally saved me out of the deep places of depression and anxiety I have experienced. I love how singer Nicole Mullen responds to how she knows Jesus lives in the song My Redeemer Lives: "I spoke with Him this morning." 

"Who is Jesus to you?" Look forward to reading your comments.


  1. Suzie--here's who He is to me (written as a Christmas reflection a few years back):

    You shall call His name
    Sea calmer, wine maker,
    fish finder, friend

    Wound healer, truth teller,
    soul seeker, lamb

    Love walker, star hanger,
    tear keeper, mine

    Bread breaker, kiss taker,
    grave robber, thine.

  2. Leigh: I loved this when I read it the first time, and I actually was thinking of you as I wrote this, thinking you had penned something this beautiful. Thanks for adding it here!