Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things only a female pastor hears

Actual questions and statements I've heard in the last six months:

  • "What does your husband think about all of this?" (i.e., you serving as a pastor)
  • "What do you do exactly?"(i.e., and please tell me it isn't preaching)
  • "So you're ministering to women, then?" (or variations on this question)
  • "A female pastor. How wonderful! And I got to see it before I died."

And the really amazing thing is these questions mostly make me smile. To some, I may be hard to categorize and understand; to my Savior, I am simply his daughter. The one who is simply trying to be obedient—to say, "Yes, Lord," no matter what comes. 

Your turn. What would you ask a female pastor if you could? 

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