Friday, August 14, 2009

One woman to another

Wednesday evening I sat in a small circle of women at church, in a meeting I completely forgot was happening until I walked in the church doors. So there we were, and a really dear woman from our denomination was there, too, and she was all fired up about a great women's conference we are planning to host at our church in 2010. We're Nazarene, so we're allowed to have conferences that are centered around the Holy Spirit. (This coming from a former Baptist pastor's daughter. I know of what I speak.) Not that we get too carried away, mind you, but we allow God to work, trying to follow His movement in our midst. Being open to what He might do.

By the time this woman got done talking, I was getting fired up, too. God is obviously on the move, mending hearts, changing lives, shaking things up and pouring out His love and mercy. We hope our church might be a place of refuge for all these women who will come through our doors.

And then this woman spoke what all of us face at different turns: she spoke of how fear creeps in at times as we are trying to do God's work, when we are trying to do almost anything. And the enemy of our souls does what he can to drive this fear deeper, making us afraid that something will fail. And sometimes we also fear that it will succeed.

She brought a wonderful card for each of us with a verse that helps her remember God's grip on us, his real presence that is with us, no matter what emotion might come or go. And I have this verse perched in my business card holder next to my laptop. Which is likely where it will remain for semester #1:

"I will not in any way fail you, nor give you up nor leave you without support. I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake you, let you down, nor relax My hold on you! Assuredly not!"
Hebrews 13:5, Amplified Bible

All I'm saying is, God cannot leave us without support. He won't leave us helpless. And he'll never let go of us, no matter what. I'm thankful the Amplified Bible really wrings the truth out of this verse for us. I'm really thankful for emphatic promises from our Creator that we can sink our toes down into, where we can lean back and be caught, something in which we can ultimately put our trust.

No matter what the fear, he cannot fail us.

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  1. Suzie - I loved "We're Nazarene - so we're allowed to have conferences that are centered around the Holy Spirit." As a former Baptist myself, I'm still mystified that the third person of the Trinity was a "silent partner" in my theological upbringing. God - good. Jesus - good. Blood hymns - all good. Holy Spirit...well, now, let's not get too carried away! But - it's been delightful getting to know him as an adult!