Monday, September 28, 2009

Pleasant places

Today the husband and I returned from a 4-day trip to Michigan. And I have to tell you this right up front: we are blessed. (No, David does not always look this goofy, but at the moment I don't have a better photo. Smile.)

It was a weekend of pleasantness as we gathered with friends and family, renewing old ties, exchanging issues of the heart with kindred spirits, David on a early morning fishing trip while I walked around a familiar lake with a friend, us celebrating my birthday with those who love me most, getting a report on how much my health has improved from my naturopath doctor.

I have to tell you right now, our boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places! (Psalm 16:6)

And all the while, I was starting to understand things about myself that until now have been unknown to me. Just some moving and shifting, adjustment of my heart attitude toward others, an awareness of how I can be critical with those closest to me. A yearning to be a better woman, a better reflection of my Abba-Father.

This morning I realized at about 9:30 am how truly blessed I am. After a pretty hefty struggle with my health and adrenal glands since March, the doctor tested me and was excited over the progress I've made. Even said I am doing great. Hormones are regulating, too. Allergy misery is now subsiding; back is in alignment after an adjustment.

I am comfortable. And since it has been a rough year healthwise, this discovery of rest and overall wellbeing brings delight and new hope. A month of seminary under the belt, with lots of challenges to come. But this life is good. Even the discovery of the ugliness in my heart is a gift on this journey of growth. Time in the car spent with my husband discussing where our marriage is going right and how we can improve on the things that cause each of us pain.

Nothing is perfect; but the sum total of it all is good. Even very good. Will you take a moment and reflect on where things are going right for you as well? Although we have many friends struggling with the weight of life's trials right now, I hope you can see the ways in which you are blessed, through common grace and yes, even God's intervention in your life specifically.

Perhaps this song by artist Allen Levi will help you get your mind in the right place. Click on the musical note to play. And may you discover your delightful inheritance...

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