Friday, October 30, 2009

Dinner, anyone?

Tonight, in approximately 49 minutes, the husband and I will be serving dinner to three seminary friends--Rachelle, Jenny, and Jason.


tortilla chips with guacamole (Jason's recipe!)
veggie tray
white chicken chili (the husband's good cooking)
cornbread (my baking)
hot spiced cider

And for dessert, chocolate cupcakes and candy corn. We are not going vegan tonight, baby. And actually having someone over for dinner at our initiative has become quite rare. So we're excited. Putting the to-do lists away even as I speak. Promising myself that my reading can wait until tomorrow. Thanking God for the promise of good fellowship, warm hearts, and shared dreams.

If I can convince the guests, I might even post a pic! Be back soon...

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