Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are all addicted

Hi, my name is Suzanne, and I'm an addict. That is, we're all inclined to be addicted to ourselves. Self-addicted. And so I offered this prayer at a success event for women in drug and alcohol recovery this last Monday.

Dear Lord:

It’s because of you that we are sitting here tonight. You’ve been so good and gracious to us.

The truth is that each one of us here tonight has a tendency toward addiction. We are addicted to ourselves. Self-addicted. And that addiction shows itself in our relationships, in our longings, in our substance abuse, and in the way we often ignore you, forgetting that you have created us and made a way that we can know you personally. Forgive us, Father.

Sometimes it’s been hard to receive your acceptance and love, because we don’t feel loved by others. Break down that barrier, Lord, and help us to receive all that you have to offer us. Help each one here to be grateful for the amazing blessings you’ve poured out on us, and to turn their will and their life over to you.

And thank you for this amazing time of celebration—for the success we are celebrating tonight.  Surround these amazing women with your strength, bless them as they seek to thank you and to make things right in their lives, help them to know that they are always loved.

In Jesus' name we pray, Amen. 

What we learn from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is that the first step to recovery of any kind is that we admit we are powerless to help ourselves. You don't have to be shooting up or draining a shot glass to need help in your life. You just have to admit that you need Jesus...and yes, others, too, because they are the hands and feet of Jesus in our lives. 

Have you taken the first step? And if you know Jesus, are you becoming less self-addicted? How?


  1. I believe this is the point of discipleship and accountability. I was the only person who raised their hand when the professor asked if anyone has been discipled/mentored for any amount of time in the Evangelism/Discipleship class I took during my undergraduate time. Discipleship seems to be a lost art in churches today because of the time factor and not wanting to be completely transparent for fear of being hurt/betrayed.

  2. Here is where community is so desperately needed, huh? We are not just individuals serving Jesus in Christ's body. God's Word was written to us as a body...we are serve, to learn, to be trained, and to fellowship within that context. Going it alone means something is broken, and that we so often don't see our blind spots or our self-addiction.