Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A poem for 2011

A poem from my journal dated 1/1/11:

Your Word
brings light
and I want it,
Your Word.
I want my story to be
part of Your story.
I want people to 
experience Your Love.
I want smaller disasters
to end in a bigger victory.
I want still waters;
quiet pastures;
and the raw strength of a God
who can help me scale a wall.
High places or low,
medication or no,
I love Your law.
It is a gift
whose blinding light is most appreciated
when it is absent.
I need more of it:
in the morning
at noon 
with a client
in the classroom.
Oh, help me not be satisfied
with lesser things,
when your Word
is the thing I need.


  1. We so need his word indeed. A great reminder at the start of the New Year! Welcome back! Missed you. - Natasha