Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coming soon: 3 pastoral perspectives on leadership

You're about to be blessed . . . and challenged. I recently interviewed three pastors in very different situations to get their insights on leadership and change in their churches. Over the next few weeks, I'll be highlighting their ministries and their leadership philosophies, in the order I interviewed them.

Pastor #1: Carla Sunberg
Pastor Carla heads up evangelism and discipleship activities at our church, Grace Point. She's got a passion for mentoring women and a vision to see God's church become all it can be in our world.

Pastor Carla, evangelism and discipleship

Pastor #2: Jim Kane
Pastor Jim sometimes calls himself the "smalltown pastor" and heads up a small Indiana congregation with innovative strategies that contribute to slow but steady growth in his rural church.

Jim Kane, rural pastor 

Pastor #3: Anthony Payton
Pastor Anthony leads Come As You Are Community Church, a growing multi-cultural body that uses entrepreneurship and discipleship to engage the community around them. The results have been truly inspiring.

Pastor Payton in action
Y'all come back to hear their diverse perspectives on leadership, mentoring, being a change agent, advice for someone new to the pastorate, and more.

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