Friday, March 4, 2011

Half the Church: A Call for Every Woman...and Every Man

Last night, I got home from class at 9:30 pm and there was a package from Zondervan sitting in our living room. I tore it open. Here's what I found inside:

Chapter five kept me up till...I don't know when. Here's the bottom line. God has a plan for his daughters. Millions of them are suffering around the world. Millions more are wondering what to do for God here in the U.S.--and in what roles they should go about doing it. This book bravely, and thoughtfully, answers that question.

Come back the week of April 4 for a full review and the chance to win a free copy. For now, noodle on this:
Male/female relationships are strategic. God laid out his game plan in Genesis, and the team he assembled to do the job was male and female. Men and women working together actually predates men working with men and women working with women. It would be one thing if God confined this male/female team to home and family and then mapped out the remaining territory into separate spheres for men and for women. But he didn't do that. Their mission--together--is to rule and subdue the whole earth on his behalf. Men and women together. Our relationships with God and with each other are the load-bearing walls of God's original design. -Half the Church: Rediscovering God's Global Vision for Women, page 139
Oh, yeah. And there's more where that came from, too. Whether you consider yourself a complementarian or an egalitarian (and I don't like either of the labels, personally), you'll be amazed at the razor-sharp theology James has mined from Scripture's pages. If I were you I wouldn't even wait for the chance to win a giveaway copy. Only $12.39 on Amazon. I should get a commission. I'm that excited about what could happen if "half the church" (that's us, ladies) gets on board with God's Kingdom mission.

Male or female, how are you currently joining with the opposite gender to do God's Kingdom work at home, work, in ministry, etc? What are the results?


  1. I'm looking forward to reading that book! Another author who makes some of the same points in your highlighted paragraph is Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen, in her books "Gender and Grace" and "My Brother's Keeper." Excellent.

  2. Hi the title of your blog. I am a seminary grad myself and a Pastoral counselor. Just wanted to comment on Carolyn's book. She is a great author..I recently had the opportunity to meet her when her husband taught at our Theological Retreat.

    All her books are worth reading. I love her perspective on women and the term "Blessed Alliance" that she uses to describe the realtionship God has in mind for men and women together.