Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Half the Church book review and giveaway: comment to win!

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This author has impacted my current journey into ministry more than any other. If that's not praise enough, in her new book Half the Church, Carolyn Custis James asks a bold and timely question about the body of Christ:

"Can the body do what it was created to do—can it even survive—if half of the body isn't fully functioning and the rest of the body is deprived of their ministries?"

Zondervan, Hardcover, $18.99

Here's why I believe you should read the book:
There are thousands of women often cited as exceptions who have fully owned their identity as God's full image-bearers and as "ezers" -- the strong Hebrew word God used when He created Eve, calling his daughters forth as warriors. (It is usually translated "helper," but a deeper study reveals there is more there than meets the eye.) I'm not talking about feminist theology, I'm talking about a strong biblical mandate for each of us to take an honest look at the Bible to determine who God says we are and what he is calling us to as women. As we join with our brothers as partners in bringing the gospel (both truth and acts of compassion and justice) to the broken around the world, we will rock God's Kingdom. Starting of course, in our homes and backyards. What could happen if we answer the call? This book will answer questions you didn't even know you had.

Here's the review I posted on amazon:
Carolyn Custis James' carefully-honed theology offers a razor-sharp look at God's vision for all of his daughters. What works for the Western middle-class women in the church pew must also work for the millions of women globally who suffer from sex-trafficking, forced marriage, genital mutilation, and more--or it doesn't work at all. The holistic gospel is the answer, and Half the Church proves it is possible to move past the tired complementarian/egalitarian debates to embrace God's indisputable blueprint for his image-bearers around the world. A must-read.

View the book video trailer here. Follow author Carolyn Custis James' blog here

And here's your chance to win the book! Comment below by Friday, April 8, telling me why you want to read Half the Church. I'll pick a winner and announce by the end of the week. 


  1. Thanks for a great conversation on Monday on this topic. You know what I think! Keep up the great work & thought, Ezer Suzie!

  2. This is the statement in your review that captured me: "What works for the Western middle-class women in the church pew must also work for the millions of women globally who suffer from sex-trafficking, forced marriage, genital mutilation, and more--or it doesn't work at all." YES!! This is the kind of thinking and writing that is so necessary in the North American church today! THIS is why "womens ministries" need so desperately to move beyond "girlfriends, chocolate and pedicures" in order to raise up desperately needed spiritual mothers and sisters. Can't wait to read this book -- thanks for the enticing review!

  3. Heard a friend talk about this book and what a good read it is. I have not personally heard anything about the book. But by reading your post it is definetly a book the whole chuch should read.

  4. One of the lynchpins of my life is balance - that's gotten deeper and more profound in this past year. So I want to read the book to find more of the balance that should exist between male and female in Kingdom life.

    OK - the real reason is that I trust my friend Suzie, and so if she says I should read a book, I SHOULD read that book. :-D

  5. Agree with above - I have been disillusioned with women ministries for several years. Unless I'm married, have children or like to scrapbook - I'm not quite there. So have been pursuing other areas of interest (likeminded folks) not easy but its evolving. Most of all focusing on God's direction for my life not mine. End result - I just want to make sure I'm impacting where I need to impact despite life's circumstances. I will definitely put this book on my have to buy list. :-)

  6. Well done, Suzie.

    I'd like to read this because, as you know, this is where my thinking is lately. It sounds like Carolyn Custis James has issued a cry for women to rally around -- and it's my hope we can make a difference.

  7. sounds like a good book for Tonya and I to read on the phone together on our journey to marriage

    we're reading the love dare right now, but this would be a great book for us to start reading after that if we win a copy

  8. Hey Suzie,

    Thanks for including me on this. I normally have very little time to get involved in friends blogs and facebooks accounts but this piqued my interest. I have been so stricken lately by my call as a mother and my own mission field right at home. I am coming to understand just how that might affect my ministry opportunites at church and in our neighborhood as well. God calls us all to minister and those of us who are mothers must also equip our children to minister, it's never to early to start! One of my daily prayers is that God will open my eyes to Him and show me the steps I need to take to prepare my heart and the hearts of my girls!

    Thanks for your work Suzie - Love!

  9. Y'all are a dream come true. Women from every stage of life and two men so far! Keep the comments coming...

    God has plans for his image-bearers...Martie, Brenda, Holly, Cal, bluwings, Pam, Tom, Rebecca...and I'm glad to hear of your interest in learning more and pursuing them for His Kingdom.

  10. Is there hope for the church to recapture God's global vision for women? I'm afraid mine has been waning. I wonder if reading this book would bolster my courage to keep hoping. I wonder. I hope.

  11. Hey, Brenda M--you won! Contact me or the book will go to another next week. Blessings!