Friday, April 8, 2011

Half the Church Giveaway Winner

I desperately wish I could send all of you a copy, but some of you will need to buy this one for yourself. The winner is....Brenda M.! Brenda, email me your address at suzanneburden @, and I'll send you the book.

Thank you, Martie, Holly, Brenda, Tom, Cal, Rebecca, Pam, blu wings, and Kaye. And now, your chance to watch two short videos that relate to men and women being set free to use their gifts together for God's Kingdom. Please watch and sound off on what you think by commenting.

The Half the Church video:

For more information on Half the Church, listen in to the 10-part Moody Midday Connection podcasts with author Carolyn Custis James here.

What do you think? What remains to be done to help men and women work together effectively for God's Kingdom?


  1. Suzie, I watched the second video, and was surprised to find myself weeping halfway through it. I thought, "where is this coming from?!"

    Probably hormones.

    Also, probably from the fact that God has such a heart for all His people, men and women, across all His beautiful world. We allow our perspective to be so constricted that we do not even know what lovely colors and patterns we are missing that God would paint into His Kingdom.

  2. Jamie, That video prompts tears for me, too--even when I'm not hormonal. It's such a grand, beautiful vision of God's heart and what He wants to do in His world. I pray for those lovely colors and patterns to be heart says, "Yes, Lord! May it be so."

  3. Thanks so much! I've been away on course, and am just now catching up. Will email you my info. Blessings --