Saturday, July 11, 2009

Calling all ezers--women, that means you!

Within the last year, a book started turning my world right side up. Read the beginning of the journey at  this blog post

The book Lost Women of the Bible pointed out who I am as an ezer--the word God used when he created Eve. Every female, simply by virtue of living, was created to be a strong helper, warrior, and rescuer. And there's more: this word Ezer is used a total of 21 times in the Old Testament; in 16 of those instances, it refers to God rescuing us. There's untold significance to unpack--and the study is well worth it.

If you'd like an entree into this subject, you'll be thrilled to know you can listen to *free* audio sessions from the Synergy 2008 conference, led by the book's author, Carolyn Custis James. Just go to this page on the synergy site. I just crossed off two of them myself. You've got to love free resources--especially when they help you get a clearer view into God's intention when creating woman to join with man in His grand purpose.

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