Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First semester, at a glance

I talked with my eight-year-old niece on the phone the other night and told her I was going back to school, but that I wouldn't be in second grade. She giggled. And giggled again when I told her I have my book bag ready to go.

Apparently it is quite funny to think of a grownup in a classroom. It's not that funny to me, but it does make me slightly itchy. It's been about fifteen years since I was in college, and although I consider myself a lifelong learner, I'm just hoping I'm up for the challenge of seminary.

ESV wide margin reference Bible, campus edition. (Perfect for writing in.) Check.

Messenger bag acquired for .50 at a garage sale. Affirmative.

Mac Powerbook ready to roll.

Old, but respected, commentaries on the shelf.

Mechanical pencils still needed.

I am 95% ready to go. Almost feel like a kid waiting for the school doors to open. Actually, that's exactly how I feel. 

I'm life ready for Hermeneutics, Understanding World Religions, and Spiritual Formation. I'm counting the days till I'm in orientation, acting like a freshman. (Officially, they call us "new students.") It will be joy to sit in chapel on Tuesday mornings and worship the Lord with like-minded students and faculty. And the mentoring group will be challenging and rich.

And I don't know if I mentioned it, but the adventure begins in just 45 days. Or a month and a half, depending on how you look at it. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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