Sunday, November 29, 2009

I thank God for you

Last Thursday, we had 18 people around our Thanksgiving table, stuffed into our little home. We combined both sides of our families for the first time. We wondered how things would go. We needn't have worried for a minute.

Things went swimmingly. Ages ranged from my two-year-old whippersnapper of a nephew up to David's dad, who is 86 years of age. We filled out slips that said what we were thankful for, decorating the table. And since I sat next to David's dad, I observed his top two causes for thanksgiving this year: "my eyes" and "my country." After decades with glasses, his dad can see without them now, due to laser cataract surgery. What liberation! His dad was also a merchant marine in World War II, and so I understood the meaning behind the simplicity of his thanksgiving.

Although I baked pumpkin custard and created our cider holiday punch last Wednesday, the cooking was left to David. I haven't the faintest idea what to do with a raw turkey, and since my husband enjoys cooking so very much, I leave these things to him. The turkey was delish, the sweet potato souffle was scrumptious, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

We decorated sugar cookies and colored Thanksgiving pictures. We swapped stories and suggestions on life issues. We thought about Thanksgivings past and those yet to come. We enjoyed the treasure of having 18 family members gather around three tables to remember what we have to be thankful for. To give praise to the One who loves us and provides for us, lavishly.

To all who gathered around the Burden family table: I thank God for you. For another Thanksgiving to enjoy you and to be grateful for all God has done.

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