Friday, November 6, 2009

I've been...reading!

My friend Brooke recently sent me an email that included this paragraph, a fitting view of the seminarian's life:

"Brooke is up late reading. Brooke is reading again. Brooke got up to get a cookie and is back to reading. Brooke walked her dog in the rain and is going to start reading...again. Okay, you get the pic."

Students, can I hear an "amen!" Brooke, I'm going in good faith that you don't mind me posting this here... :)

Yes, so I've been reading as well. I'm reading Dallas Willard's Renovation of the Heart, I'm laboring over The Green Letters by Miles Stanford. Larry Crabb's Inside Out? Check. Introduction to World Religions? (Not to mention side reading like a Mitford novel, a social media book, and the devotional Champagne for the Soul.) Oh, yeah. And after I get done reading, checking my email, reading some more, I will resume...

Writing! A little 8-10 pg. treatise on my philosophy and theology of sanctification and weakness. Nothing too difficult.

Thankfully, I just ordered smashing software that will make my writing and research experiences better than ever. Thank God for software that caters to the mac users of the world. Sorry, PC lovers. I'm happy to report Jesus loves you just as much, but that doesn't mean your Bible software sings like Accordance. It's best to face the truth on these matters.

Sorry, but I just finished the section in Renovation of the Heart where we're challenged to correct our thinking. I really must get some fresh air!

Toodles for now,
Seminary Suzie

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