Friday, November 13, 2009

Treasured book giveaway coming November 18

Come back next Wednesday when I'm giving a copy of the book Treasured away to the 10th person to post a comment to my book review. You can watch a short video about the book here.

The author of Treasured is a good friend in Houston whom I've never met in person. Typical of this social media age, eh?

I worked with Leigh McLeroy while at Baker Publishing Group. We've had some terrific phone conversations, and we like to share tips and dreams with each other over the email. We've talked about work and her sister's cancer and losing my dad and receiving
God's love. She's a contemplative who finally relented and signed up on facebook a few months back.

But what you really need to know about Leigh is that despite the fact we never met in person she is one of the most "fully-formed" souls I know. God's work in her is truly beautiful, and out of that work came one of my favorite books ever, The Beautiful Ache. Yes, this is one of the books I reread frequently! Until I give away my copy and have to order another one. It helps each of us who desire to follow Jesus to hear His voice and to live in and out of the longings He has given us, all of which ultimately point us to heaven. It will win your heart!

As will this beautiful little book Treasured: "Leigh McLeroy considers tangible reminders of God's active presence and guides us in discovering evidence in our own lives of his attentive love."

I like this review: “LeighMcLeroy has interwoven her story with God’s story—a rich tale of treasures and being treasured. She has done what I love in good writing: mixed sweet memories, profound observations, sharp insights, and exquisite words into a delicious narrative.” -Judy Douglass, director of Women's Resources, Campus Crusade for Christ, and cofounder of SynergyWomen's Network

You can also check out the Treasured facebook page or Leigh's website.

Finally, don't forget to come back next Wednesday for the Treasured review so you can win a free book! The 10th person to post a comment will be the winner.

P.S. These are the books on Leigh's bookshelf:
Emily Dickinson, Anne Dillard, Frederick Buechner, C.S. Lewis, Peter Kreeft, Ken Gire, Wendell Berry, Dorothy Sayers, the apostle Paul, Luther, John Piper, N.T. Wright, Eugene Peterson, Flannery O’Connor, G.K. Chesterton


  1. Dearest Girlie!! I've seen you on facebook, but did not realize you have a blog-- I've only been able to read through a few posts and I absolutely love it!! I am so glad you commented about your blog on facebook. Since I've been in the hospital this time, I felt the desire to blog again, so I re-designed my page yesterday and hope to post really soon. I took a hiatus from blogging while I was less I'm very very sick. My blog is breathingyouin.blogspot. Thank you for blogging and being you. Hooray!!

  2. Dear Kerry: I just read the blog. Do keep posting if you can. I admire the tenacious hold you have on our Savior as you await your double lung transplant. You've blown past so many of the markers of cystic fibrosis, and I'm so pleased to keep in touch with you in the virtual world. Much love, Suzie