Friday, April 30, 2010

Update on Mark and Ed

Several weeks ago, I posted about these two developmentally-different men from my church, and how their mom had died, and now they don't show up at church anymore...after all these years. And how it makes me profoundly sad, and makes me feel that as orphans, as those who are quite defenseless in this big world, our church should be helping them however we can.

The other day Pastor Chuck updated me on what's going on with them. I found out that a social worker is trying to get them into a state home, but in the meantime,  they have been placed with a guardian way out in the country where they share a bedroom and get to roam around outdoors. And that sounds very idyllic and nice, except for the fact that they haven't been able to attend church since. A thing that was so much a part of their regular routine.

A week or so ago, Pastor Chuck's secretary told him there was a young man there to see him. And an advocate had brought Ed to the church, just so he could see Pastor Chuck, whom he thought must have forgotten him by now. Instead, Pastor Chuck almost jumped up and down with glee. It was a joyful reunion.

And now, as I sit here, thinking about these two beautiful souls, I wonder if there isn't more we as a church could do. I wonder if I might ask our S.S. class to form an informal bus ministry where one of us goes each week way out into the country to pick up Mark and Ed and bring them to their church family. I wonder this. And I pray. Will you continue to pray with me?

Father, you are a father to the fatherless and a defender to those who find themselves defenseless. I admire your watchcare over Mark and Ed; show us how to participate in your work. And please, Lord, will you help them to find a place near our church, where Mark and Ed can experience your love with their church family and the church family can in turn be blessed by their innocence and joy. This is what your Spirit is whispering to my heart, Father, and so this is how I pray. Much love, your daughter

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